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The Wyantenuck Country Club is open to membership enquiries at the head office on 46 West Sheffield Road or by calling the office for information at (413) 528-0350. 

The Club has a welcoming environment, yet one that allows members their “time away” from stresses and strains of daily routines with a parkland golf course, top shelf red clay tennis courts, and both a pool and kiddy pool for swimming and diving, or just letting the little ones splash about to cool off on a warm summer’s day.

Wyantenuck has a roster of approximately six hundred memberships which includes individuals and families across several categories generally grouped as Golf, Tennis, Pool and Social.  The membership is strengthened by a diverse group of local members and weekend or Berkshire area second home owners. The Club offers vistas of the unspoiled South County area rivaling any other area country club.

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Phone: 413-528-0350 | Fax: 413-528-8174 | Email: [email protected]

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