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General Information

Proper sports attire must be worn at all times by people using the clubhouse facilities. Attire judged inappropriate will be left to the discretion of the House Committee or the Clubhouse Manager. It is suggested that gentlemen include a jacket in their attire when attending dinner dances, cocktail parties and other special club functions. Women are expected to dress appropriately, as well.

The aim of the Wyantenuck Country Club is to provide a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for recreational activities for members and their guests. Mobile devices must always be set on silent, non vibrating mode while at WCC. The audible use of mobile devices is prohibited in all areas of WCC except in the parking lot or in the case of an emergency. Silent and discreet use of devices (such as e-readers, cell phones for texting and emailing, use of Apps and photographic purposes) are permissible as long as it does not have an effect on play (golf and tennis) or the enjoyment of WCC by its members at the pool, clubhouse and bar. The use of laptop computers and wireless speakers are prohibited.

An undelayed round of golf is an important tradition at Wyantenuck. The Board of Governors ruling states that an 18 hole round of golf at Wyantenuck should take NO MORE THAN 4 HOURS. Holes #1-6 should take 1 hour & 20 minutes and Holes #1-11 should take 2 hours & 20 minutes. Please remember that it is important to maintain a reasonable pace of play.