Greetings (Newsletter published by Jennie VanDeusen, General Manager) 

SEPTEMBER BRINGS SUNNY, WARM DAYS, FALL FOLIAGE & WCC FUN!   2019 CALENDAR is available on WCC’s website for viewing and printing. SEPTEMBER marks the last 2019 newsletter — hope you enjoyed the NEWS!

   HOLE-IN-ONE - Achievements
Congratulations for these hole-in-ones: Ron Baker on Aug. 3 on hole #14 Ron Baker on Aug. 6 on hole #11 Tom Rajala on Aug. 18 on hole # 4 Richard DeBart on Aug. 24 on hole #9 Congratulations to all!

CALENDAR OF EVENTS is a guide. Play is usually available prior to or after any golfing event. Call the Golf shop on event days for course availability. Calendar is available at the office OR on WCC’s website.       


Membership Lists and WCC Payments

MEMBER TELEPHONE & EMAIL LIST Copies are available for pick-up at the office or on WCC's website.

WCC BILLS: FULL balance on your bill is now due. All charges are due when billed and the final dues installment was payable Sept. 1st . Your assistance is always appreciated! 

W.C.C Clubhouse

DAILY LUNCHES  Available until October 14
Served 7 (seven) days a week from 11:00—3:00 PM

BAR is open
offering drinks, snacks and hotdogs

Guideline Reminders

BLUE JEANS are acceptable in the clubhouse only. Please dress neat and smart. CELL PHONE calls are only permitted in the main parking lot area. Please be considerate of others! 


CLUBHOUSE and OFFICE: 413-528-0350 or
GOLF SHOP: 413-528-3229 or
TENNIS SHOP: 413-528-5075 or
POOL: 413-528-0529

W.C.C.Website (some features)      Password: 3putt
WCC DAILY BUZZ updated daily with Club News!
MEMBER PORTAL access your itemized monthly bill
CALENDAR OF EVENTS details upcoming events and print calendar option
GOLF EVENT SIGN-UP, TEE TIMES AND RESULTS sign-up for events, check event tee times and view winners!
WCC CLUB GUIDELINES for all club facilities & areas


Our no tee time system is supported by a norm pace of play —- 3½ to 4 hours. The golf course will be open as long as weather permits. Please be cautious of frost delays.

GREENS AERIFICATION on October 15 & 16
Course open with some temporary greens and tees.

The Golf Shop is open until November 15. Carts are available until November 15, weather permitting.

To aid in course conditions, please do not use pull carts between the green and greenside bunkers on any hole. Please repair all marks assisting in keeping our course and greens in top condition. Please remember to take your pull cart home for the winter to free up space for equipment storage in that building. Thank you.

     PRO SHOP CREDIT: Reminder: to use your Pro Shop “winning” credits on merchandise in the Golf Shop.

Ladies' Golf

Wednesday, September 25th.   End of Year Banquet with cocktails and dinner

All Lady golfers welcome to get acquainted and meet other members.  RSVP by Sept 22

Golfer's Corner

The first season under the new 2019 Rules of Golf is nearing completion and we thought it was a good time for a brief review. We've seen some confusion regarding penalty areas and lost balls. All golfers should have noticed by now that the right side of the 10th fairway is a red-staked penalty area instead of a white-staked out-of-bounds. If a shot goes into the penalty area, the golfer now has all the relief options that were previously only available for balls in a water hazard. The player may still take stroke-and-distance relief and re-hit the previous shot, but most players will take lateral relief, within two club-lengths of the "reference point", no closer to the hole. The problem on the 10th hole is determining the "reference point". You may not actually see the point where the ball crossed the penalty area line. According to the rules, the player may consult with others but it is the player's own reasonable judgment that must be accepted as the "reference point." So, if you're ball flies to the right off the 10th tee, keep a an eye on where you think it would have crossed the line even if you don't see it or can't find it.

You have to know or be "virtually certain" that a ball is in a penalty area before you can get relief under this rule. If there's any chance that the ball is lost outside the penalty area, you must treat it as a lost ball and you must take stroke-and-distance relief. For example, if you yank a long drive to the left off the 6th tee, you may think the ball is in the penalty area in front of the first tee. But unless someone saw the ball enter the penalty area, you can't know or be "virtually certain" since the ball may have glanced off a tree or stopped in the rough. In this case the only way to know if it's in the penalty area is to find the ball. If you can't find it after the three minutes allowed, you'll have to go back and take stroke-and-distance relief.



Come swing your racket on our beautiful red clay courts and enjoy the foliage!

Liviu will be at the courts until September 29th.

TENNIS LESSONS: Book a lesson with the Pro and continue to improve your skills! 

Pool is Open through Labor Day weekend! 

Come over and enjoy some last refreshing dips before the pool closes. We hope you enjoyed relaxing pool side and swimming at WCC!