Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 27 October 2016

Present: Mr. D. Benham, Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. P. Fasano, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. T. Kinne, Mr. B. Hull, Mr. B. Leary, Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. Riva, Mrs. D. Whalen, Ms. L. Yeager                 Absent: None     Others In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. D. Benham

1.       The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM o’clock, President Rich Congdon presiding.

2.       Mr. Congdon noted a revision to the Minutes of 21 September, when he announced either Dave Benham or Bernie Leary would be Greens Chair. Mr. Leary will be Greens Chair. With that revision Mr. Congdon requested and received from the Board of Governors, approval of the Minutes dated 21 September 2016.

3.       Treasurer's Report: Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland stated numbers are as anticipated, after the figures for the Kitchen as noted last month. He expects the last of the season’s invoices to arrive in November, thus providing a complete accounting by December and the 2017 Budget process.

4.       Committee Reports:

a.       House: Mr. Chairman Bruce Hull reported the Kitchen has been, and the Clubhouse is in the process of being, winterized. He reported that the Chef completed work on October 2, and constructive discussions have begun for the 2017 season. He anticipates plans for the main floor restroom project to be ready by 30 October (see Old Business).

b.      Greens: Mr. Chairman Leary reported that the aerification of putting surfaces and fairways has been completed, and that as fall seasons go, the golf course is in excellent playing condition             (in spite of the 3 inch surprise snow on 27 October). Mr. Leary noted that there have been some discussions about sprucing up the appearance of the lower bar entrance area, as it is dated and some of the shrubs are aged. His Committee is brainstorming some modest changes to update and up lift this high traffic gateway into the lower bar.

c.       Golf: There was no formal report, but Professional T. Sullivan and Mr. Congdon noted the Fall Member-Member event was a success and very enjoyable by all members participating. It likely will succeed the Fall Classic which has been canceled twice and may be fading from the calendar. It was noted that Wyantenuck hosted the Massachusetts Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) high school Division III tournament. Thirteen schools were represented in all. The high school student athletes (60) played in blustery (18 mph) and cool (45 degrees F) conditions. But soldier on they did! One player, a senior on the Ware, Massachusetts team, scored his first ace on the 11th hole during the competition. A small audience of members witnessed the hole in one and applauded the youngster as he sprinted down the hill to retrieve his ball from the cup. Mr. Congdon noted that the event had the assistance of Mr. Don Rembisz and Mr. John Hull and that Messrs. Thomas Berkel and Mike Kinne (of the Massachusetts Golf Association) assisted with rulings during the event. The Club treated the players to snacks and pizza after play.

d.      Pool: Mrs. Chairwoman Benham reported the year finished successfully. She suggested to the Board that she would like to be able to identify the types of members by category (single, family, etc.) as they expire or enroll so as to gauge as accurately as plausible the surge capacity utilization of the pool. She is continuing to evaluate the total census of pool users and peak periods during the season. While the Club has always been accommodative to members bringing guests, even on holiday weekends, it is important that members sign in and identify all guests each time they accompany one or more. The Pool and Membership Committees will jointly discuss how to calculate and monitor peak demand, and how to keep accurate sign-in records. It was noted that frequently the number of places to sit in the pool area is more an issue than aquatic traffic. Mrs. Benham will also work with the House Chair regarding possible adjustments and options for foodservice in the ‘pool area.’

e.      Membership: Mr. Chairman T. Kinne reported that his Committee met and discussed several steps toward the concept of a clearly defined set of steps or gates to membership. The Committee noted they are working to:

                                                i.      Clarify the process, update forms, and codify steps leading to membership,

                                                ii.      Increase the active role of the sponsors of prospective new members,

                                                iii.      Review files to see if we have a current (accurate) census.

Separately three resignations were acknowledged and accepted by the Board:

                                  Barbara Riley, Single Pool Social                                                                                                                              Ted and Lori Hamilton Durbin, Family Pool Social                                                                                                      Mark Blair, Single Golf                                                                                     

f.        Tennis: Ms. Chairwoman Yeager noted the nets were still up, and if the early snow does not too disrupt the clay, play will go on as long as practicable. She also noted that Mr. Liviu Mancas will return as Professional and that a new contract is being developed by her Committee.

5.       Old Business:

a.       Ms. VanDeusen reported that Mr. Anthony Barnaba, Architect, will develop bid drawings for distribution in an RFP (Request For Proposal) to be issued to several contractors. Members will be sent an email blast on the subject in case any member wishes to bid or refer a contractor to the RFP itself. The House Committee will present a detailed proposal to the Board for its approval after collecting information and cost estimates from the bidding process. Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland noted that while there is enthusiasm for the project it must have a budget and funding mechanism prior to start of work. That sentiment was fully supported by the Board.

b.      Mr. Congdon announced that Mr. Mark Marzotto has been notified he has been awarded a Francis Ouimet Memorial Scholarship. This marks the second student golfer from Wyantenuck to receive same in the last three years. Wyantenuck has long supported the Ouimet Fund in Massachusetts, and the Board was pleased that we have two recent recipients of these meaningful scholarships.

6.       New Business:

a.       Gift certificates for golf for four with carts were approved forfund raising for:

                                                              i.      The Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School,

                                                            ii.      New Marlborough Central School,

                                                          iii.      Muddy Brook Elementary School

b.      The Club received gracious notes of thanks for previous donations from:

                                                              i.      Berkshire Bounty

                                                            ii.      Berkshire Botanical Gardens

c.       Mr. Cleaveland advised and the Board approved billing members by email. The Club will                          “go paperless” on billings and newsletters, except for those members who cannot receive email billing. In those cases, a paper arrangement will be provided. This is expected to streamline the paper shuffling flurry each month, and spare some valuable hardwood trees from the pangs of the tactile paper cycle.

7.       The Board of Governors cancelled its November session in favor of a merged session in December on Wednesday 14 December 2016 at 6:00 PM o’clock. This meeting will also be the Budget Meeting; all Chairs are asked to please prepare their financial figures for the Budget.

8.       There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 6:52 PM o’clock.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Berkel, Secretary