Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 15 November 2018

Present: Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. M. Emprimo, Mr. A. Gilligan, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Leary, Mr. B. Riva, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. B. Tighe. Absent, Mr. D. Benham, Jr., Mr. D. Farrell, Mrs. D. Whalen

In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mr. T. Sullivan

1. The Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM o’clock, sharp, Mr. President Dick Kelly presiding.

2. Mr. Kelly next requested and received approval from the Board of the Minutes of the Governor’s meeting of 18 September 2018.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Treasurer Joe Cleaveland distributed the monthly flash sheet. He noted that a couple of normal, annual but significant tax bills were paid and thus our cash was decreased. It is expected that receipts will put all accounts ahead for the winter. Overall, 2018 was better than prior periods and the Club is solvent. Mr. Kelly and Mr. Cleaveland both noted that a Financial Committee has been established with the Treasurer, Mr. Emprimo, and Mr. Farrell in order to understand the details of the Clubs finances, especially for future planning and possible and probable capital outlays. Mr. Cleaveland appreciates the participation, and the trio of this fiscal fellowship are lending a hand to the several committees during the budgeting process that is underway for 2019.

4. Committee Reports:

a. House: In the absence of Mrs. Chairwoman Whalen, Mr. Kelly read the House report. The House Committee has been meeting and has sketched out a calendar with some new ideas, inclusive of a planned beer tasting scheduled for Master’s Sunday! The report also outlined some pending infrastructure work that is being considered as part of the House budget process.

b. Greens: Mr. Chairman, Vice President Leary noted (as acknowledged by the Treasurer) that some thrift in expense management by Mr. Superintendent Bacon has allowed for the re-decking of the far bridge over the Green River on Hole #13. Members will notice in Spring that the deck is back to “Grade A.” Separately, Mr. Leary mentioned there may also be an opportunity during the Winter to use some remaining funds to clip and or remove some pines to the South side of the #11 putting surface, thereby allowing more sun and light onto that green during the Fall and Winter months.

c. Golf: In the absence of Chairs Belter and Barry, Mr. Congdon reported that the Golf Committee has developed a draft of the 2019 calendar, which like past years, bears a striking resemblance to the prior season. Mr. Congdon did, however, note that the Member-Member event in the Spring has been trimmed to two (2) days from three, and the May Member-Guest has been nixed. The Committee is trying to balance the desire for an active calendar with opening up course time where possible. Ladies events, as scheduled for 2019, will represent a stable level of activity. Separately, Mr. Head Professional Sullivan gave the Board a ‘heads-up’ on two events the Club might consider hosting: the 2019 NEPSAC (New England Prep School Athletic Conference) Girls Golf Championship in early May, and a Mass Golf 2019 Mid-Amateur qualifier sometime in August or early September. In both cases, scheduling is expected to have a nominal impact on play, and in both cases is consistent with Wyantenuck’s commitment to stewardship of amateur golf.

d. Pool: Cold and still is that water.

e. Membership: None

f. Tennis: Closed for winter

5. Old Business:

a. Mr. Kelly noted the (Article V Sections 1-8) Standing Committee Chairs are virtually set:

i. House: Mrs. Donna Whalen (BOG)

ii. Tennis: Ms. Liz Yeager

iii. Men’s Golf: Messers. Steve Belter & Tom Barry

iv. Women’s Golf: Mrs. Marjorie Kinne

v. Greens: Mr. (Vice President) Bernie Leary

vi. Pool: TBD

vii. Entertainment: Vacant (planned)

viii. Junior: Vacant (planned)

ix. (Non-Standing Committees)

1. Membership: Ms. Liz Yeager

2. Finance: Mr. (Treasurer) Joe Cleaveland

3. Long Range: Mr. (Secretary) Thomas Berkel

b. The Strategic Task Force will be forwarding the early group of tactical ideas and action items to the several Chairs for consideration in their budget discussions.

6. New Business:

a. The Governors heard gracious thank you notes from beneficiaries for previous promotional gift certificates for charitable contributions: First Tee of Massachusetts, the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund and the Berkshire Botanical Garden. (Of note, Mr. Owen Hunter, a Wyantenuck Ouimet Scholarship recipient will graduate in May 2019.)

b. The Board of Governors approved a request for four rounds of golf with carts as a fund raising item to the New Marlborough Central School (grades K-4).

7. The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Thursday 13 December 2018 at 6:00 PM. It is expected that this will be the 2019 budget session.

8. There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 7:20 PM o’clock.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Berkel, Secretary