Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 23 May 2018
Present: Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. M. Emprimo, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Hull, Mr. B. Leary,       Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. Riva, Mrs. D. Whalen
Absent: Mr. D. Benham, Jr., Mrs. R. Dolber, Mr. D. Farrell.  In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mr. Sullivan, Ms. L. Yeager
1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM o’clock, President Dick Kelly presiding.
2.    Mr. Kelly requested and received approval of the Minutes of the meeting on 26 April 2018. The Board approved said Minutes as recorded. 
3.    Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland noted that some strategic advanced purchases of certain supplies for the golf course and certain insurance expenses show that line item pacing is ahead of year ago, but is in order. Mr. Leary noted that capital improvements on a regular basis is a good thing in order to keep up the Club’s condition, and he expressed a hope that all planned capital investment would happen. Mr. Cleaveland said he does not intend to defer capital projects, but to schedule them sequentially so as to jibe with revenue streams. 
4.    Committee Reports
a.    House & Patio: Mrs. Vice Chair Donna Whalen noted the following:
i.    The kitchen opened successfully and there was expressed some optimism that enough staff will be in place for the summer.
ii.    The Mother’s Day Brunch was boffo by all accounts, with right round 200 attendees enjoying the gastronomic stylings from the kitchen.
iii.    The House Committee wanted to remind all members that the Club does have a dress code and that the Committee is confident discretion in all matters related to dress will be handled properly by members and guests.
iv.    Members can contact either Mr. Chairman B. Hull or Mrs. Vice Chair Donna Whalen with any questions.
b.    Greens: Mr. Chairman Leary stated the forward teeing ground on Hole #8 has been built and will be commissioned for play shortly. The greens have recovered from their winter dormancy, sparking to life. Aerification is scheduled to be done June 4 & 5 as planned. The favorable June weather will allow for a quick bounce back.
c.    Golf: Mr. R. Congdon reported that the Spring Open was responsible for $3,600 revenue from the 80 players. As of this writing the Member-Member event is nigh. The May one day Member-Guest was cancelled due to weak sign-up related to the cool weather and the timing of the event. Separately, the Ladies roster for their Golf League is equal in number to year ago, and a good season start is anticipated.
d.    Pool: Mr. Kelly read the report of Mrs. Chair Benham, noting that the pool would open on Friday 25 May. Kudos were sprinkled upon Messrs. Bacon and McAllister for their yeoman’s work in the pool area to get things ready. A chemical system is contemplated for installation as the weather settles into a more familiar Spring-Summer pattern. 
e.    Membership: Ms. Chairperson Yeager presented the recommendations of the Membership Committee, which the Board reviewed and approved: 
SAM JONES           JUNIOR GOLF        
JEFF BELL               SINGLE GOLF    rescind acceptance 4/30    
MARTIN ALBERT     FAMILY POOL SOCIAL    rescind LOA 5/2                
JAY WEINTRAUB                      LOA TO SINGLE GOLF     
JOHN MORITZ                         SOCIAL TO SINGLE GOLF        
ERIC VANZON                         SINGLE TENNIS TO SOCIAL      
          NEW MEMBERSHIPS:            
JULIE KEIL BIASIN                   30-34 SINGLE GOLF    
PATRICK BUSHEY                     SINGLE GOLF        
LOUISE CADIGAN                    SINGLE POOL SOCIAL            
CODY LUCEY                           JUNIOR GOLF
AMANDA ROSS                        SINGLE GOLF
JAKE & BENJ RYEL                  JUNIOR GOLF (s)
f.    Tennis: Ms. Chairwoman Yeager thanked Mr. Bacon for some pivotal drainage work near the courts. The courts are open and in excellent nick.
5.    Old Business: 
a.    Mr. Kelly noted his Task Force roster is near completion and he anticipated the first steps of their work to be taken in early July.
b.    Mr. Leary reviewed a presentation he attended with others from the Club on the subject of Member Recruitment and Retention. He noted that some of the information was prescient to the work the various committees would be doing and that he was separating the ideas most applicable and actionable for the Club. There was some discussion about concepts that could be considered by the various committees, and some that can be informative to the Task Force for long-range perspective.
6.    New Business:
a.    The Board approved the search for and subsequent use of services of a firm (to be determined by bid) to conduct a drone fly over the facilities of the Club to be incorporated within the website and to be leveraged for marketing the Club for what it is; a superior recreational value with superb conditions for Tennis, Golf, Swimming and Social pursuits.
b.    The Board reviewed consideration of additional software capabilities related to the TM (Tournament Management) system now employed for managing and reporting out events. Certain features like live scoring and score tracking on course would be part of an upgrade for which the Club would pay an annual subscription. It was agreed to reconsider this addition in the Fall, but there was strong sentiment to proceed with the acquisition of two (2) smart television devices to be strategically installed to enhance the tournament capabilities now available as part of the Club’s membership with MassGolf/USGA.
c.    The Board discussed a process to reposition/reschedule events that are cancelled on the calendar due to any number of reasons, weather being principal among them. There was also agreed a policy of providing one rain date to groups granted access to the Club for an outing, provided such date fits into and respects all other scheduled events. In keeping with this, the Club offered Monday 18 June 2018 as the “rain date” for the Berkshire Seniors who are currently scheduled for an outing on Monday 11 June.
7.    The next meeting of the Board of Governors was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 6:30 PM.
8.    There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 7:38 PM o’clock. 
Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Berkel, Secretary