GREETING (Newsletter published by Jennie VanDeusen, General Manager) 

MARCH is here and WCC’S 2019 Season is rapidly approaching! Golf Course & Tennis Court Conditions/Opening dates are updated daily on WCC’s website. The Golf Shop, Clubhouse and Bar OPEN APRIL 1st. 2019 CALENDAR OF EVENTS is available on WCC’s website for viewing and printing or pick up a copy at the office. Think SPRING!


Golf and Pool Initiation Fees are waived until May 31, 2019 for primary residencies within a 65 mile radius. Tennis initiation fees are waived regardless of primary residency through 2019. Contact Jennie for details. Deadline for All adjustment requests is April 1st.

4 DEFIBRILLATORS- AED UNITS & FIRST AID KITS are located near the pump house on the lower golf course, on the clubhouse front porch, near the golf shop bathrooms and at the tennis shop in season. Please familiarize yourself with their locations.
GRAYBEAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND is available to members of W.C.C., extending to children and grandchildren. Prospective collegiate students and those currently matriculated should explore the Berkshire Taconic website or contact Jennie for information on applying. Applications deadline is March 15th.

W.C.C. Payments and Gift Certificates

HOUSE MINIMUM IS DUE IN FULL BY April 1st INSTALLMENT OPTION: Dues may be remitted in five (5) equal installments from May 1st through Sept. 1st. Installment option is automatic on an annual basis.
MONTHLY CHARGES: incurred throughout the year are due when billed. Your assistance is appreciated.
THANK YOU to all members who prepaid their dues in full. Please register your guest with the Golf or Tennis Shop prior to playing allowing for verification and proper redemption of your FREE green or tennis guest fee passes available seven (7) days a week.



DAILY LUNCHES begin April 26th ~     MOTHER'S DAY BRUNCH** Sunday, May 12th
OPENING WCC PARTY** Friday, May 24th ~ FATHER'S DAY BRUNCH** Sunday, June 16th
**NOTE: Reservations Required for Brunches and Opening WCC Party at 413-528-0350
MONTHLY FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER DATES: June 21, July 12 and August 16 ~ ~ Details to follow...
Reminder: ALL alcoholic beverages must be consumed on WCC property only. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) is prohibited.

W.C.C.WEBSITE (surf'n features)      Password: 3putt

WCC Dress Code Update

GOLF COURSE AND TENNIS COURT CONDITIONS WITH EVENT DETAILSupdated daily on WCC home page WCC DAILY BUZZ updated daily with Club News! MEMBER PORTAL access your itemized monthly bill. CALENDAR OF EVENTS details upcoming events and print calendar option Area Club and Allied Schedule(s)—on separate tab WCC CLUB GUIDELINES for all club facilities & areas

The BOG has voted to rollback the previous prohibition on wearing jeans in the Clubhouse. Jeans that are "smart" (neat, clean, with no holes) are permissable in the Clubhouse only. Dress elsewhere on the grounds should appropriately conform per the Member's Guidelines.

CELL PHONE calls are only permitted in the main parking area


CLUBHOUSE and OFFICE: 413-528-0350 or
GOLF SHOP: 413-528-3229 or
TENNIS SHOP: 413-528-5075 or
POOL: 413-528-0529


The Golf Shop Opens APRIL 1..Call to book an early lesson with the Pro & get ready for the golfing season ahead!   2019 CALENDAR IS READY!
Your favorite returning events include Men's Twilight League, Member-Member,
Red Eye, Member-Guests, Ladies Days, Scotches, Ladies' Thursday League, Ladies Best of 3 & 11 Hole events. Sign-up on bulletin boards or WCC’s website. Please do your part by replacing divots, repairing ball marks and
raking sand bunkers. Thank you. 

Weekly Men's Twilight League: Tuesdays: April 30-Sept. 17

We welcome regular players, but if you can't commit to most Tuesday nights, please sign-up as a substitute.  As a full handicap league, any member can substitute in any flight, for a good way to meet fellow members.  Season is split into two halves with winners for both halves. Please keep your eyes open for more League details sent by e-mail soon including Sign-up options.   Spaces are limited, as registration is on a first come-first serve basis. Contact the committee with any questions or comments: Bob Segalla, Jr. 860-248-0871                                                                                    Steve Belter 860-670-5384 or                                                                                    Ed Briggs 413-441-5774 or


Thursdays beginning on May 30 through August 29 starting at 8:00-9:00 AM -- You can sign up as a regular or a substitute.  If you sign up as a regular, it is your responsibility to find a sub.  You will be assigned a partner and the format will be Stableford. There will be a one-time fee of $10.00 for year end prizes billed onto your account.  After golf, any drinks and/or lunch would be available on your own.  Please sign up on the league form sent via email and rural mail  Please call any League Member with questions: Marge Kinne 413-528-0407, Patricia Dymek 413-274-6646, Betty Budz 413-274-6024 or Veta Mott 413-229-2019 

Tennis  swing time...

We are pleased to announce Liviu’s return on May 3
Women’s Tennis Camp:                                                                 on May 6, 8, 10 and/or 11. details to follow
SIGN-UP at 413-528-0350

Memorial Day weekend tennis round robin, Sunday May 26th with lunch to follow.
Play with the Pro begins May 25th at 9:30
Additional program details to follow next month.

Juniors (Golf and Tennis)

FREE Junior Golf and Tennis Clinics are offered weekly to ALL members during the season. ALL children of any playing level/ability are welcome to participate and have FUN! Please call the Golf and Tennis Shop(s) for details during the season and check the monthly newsletters for schedules and updates... 


The pool is covered and furniture tucked away for protection from
winter weather. We anxiously anticipate the pool opening
on Memorial Day weekend!
*Please review the pool guidelines prior to your first visit of the season

Golfer’s Corner…Rules Changes You Need to Know

Playing from tee to green. (a) Ready golf? Bottom Line: For the first time the Rules suggest that playing out of turn can help the pace of play Rule 5.6b(2) and 6.4b(2). So, be ready but keep your group moving by always having someone hitting.

b) Ball Search? Bottom Line: The time ‘allowed’ is now 3 minutes. Most folks never used 5 minutes anyway, and three seems to be enough and it keeps things moving. What if I accidentally step on it? This is no longer a penalty. Just recreate the lie as fairly as possible and play on (grateful that you found your ball).

(c) Loose Impediments? Bottom Line: you can still move a loose impediment, just don’t move the ball, and that now goes for when you are in a “Penalty Area” as well. Penalty areas are tough enough without having your ball covered in leaves or a branch, or something that became detached on the golf course. So, now you can carefully lift out of the way a loose impediment anywhere on the golf course (Rule 15.1a). We’ll touch on this again in other notes.

(d) Double Hits? Bottom Line: There is no penalty for a double hit anymore. It counts as one stroke that you happened to hit twice without meaning to.

(e) My ball accidentally hits another player or equipment? Bottom Line: There is no penalty any longer. All players and equipment are treated as outside agencies. If a player is deliberately putting things in the way, they will get a behavioral or bad sportsmanship penalty (Rule 1), and the stigma of being a cheat.

What happens if I hit into a “penalty area?” Bottom Line: There used to be hazards of different types, lateral, water, environmental, etc. Now, there is one type, it is any area where you face a penalty to get out if you cannot play the ball itself. Most of the time it will be 1 shot to drop nearest to where you entered the penalty area. They will typically be marked with red stakes and or red lines. We will have a separate section of Penalty Areas and Bunkers, next time.