Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 23 March 2017
Present: Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. P. Fasano, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. T. Kinne Mr. B. Hull, Mr. B. Leary, Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. Riva, Ms. L. Yeager
Absent: Mr. D. Benham, Mr. D. Farrell, Mrs. D. Whalen
Others In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Head Golf Professional Mr. T. Sullivan
1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM o’clock, President Rich Congdon presiding.
2.    Mr. Congdon requested a motion to accept the minutes of the meeting of 24 February 2017. After such motion and second of same, the minutes were approved.
3.    Treasurer's Report: Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland distributed his monthly flash sheet. It was noted that we have a low level of new membership activity compared with previous years. As a consequence of normal rotation of members off the rolls the Club is not at 100% replacement. Previously the Club has enjoyed complete backfill of resignations and departures. While the numbers are in no way critically low, Mr. Cleaveland noted that he is watching budgets closely and he will be monitoring inflows and outflows and updating projections.
4.    Committee Reports:
a.    House: Mr. Chairman Bruce Hull advised that the mundane and usual things related to the House are being tidied up; tables and chairs have been refinished in the downstairs bar, the kitchen is being scrubbed and prepared for use, the water will be turned on to the upstairs areas, heat will be added to the Ladies downstairs restroom, etc. He also advised that a significant House detail was nigh; the obtainment of the Club’s 2017 license to vend wine and spirits. With this thus, at long last the bar will open on 1 April 2017, and Winter shall truly thaw! The Treasurer complemented Mr. Hull for his preparation for the season and his cooperation and positive can-do approach in developing the 2017 program. Mr. Cleaveland was joined by Mr. Congdon in encouraging what they believe to be a rightfully positive outlook for the 2017 season at the Club and where the House Committee’s efforts are concerned. 
b.    Greens: Mr. Chairman Leary reported Old Man Winter put a grudging hold on the weather forcing a revision of thoughts about an early start for the opening of the golf course. On the plus side, the late snow was expected to yield to Spring and golf will likely commence in April. While Mr. Leary demurred to cite a definitive time and date, he lauded the work that has been done by Mr. Bacon and the Greens-keeping staff. Mr. Leary noted the preponderance of early agronomic condition reports suggest that absent a start-stop-start scenario, the transition to playing golf should be uneventful if delayed. He suggested golfers dread naught; we shall be playing as soon as practicable.  
c.    Golf: Mr. Co-Chairs S. Belter and T. Barry have sent communications to the membership encouraging participation in the myriad types of golf events that are built for the fun and enjoyment of Club members. Happily the Men’s Twi-Light League is filling quickly. It was noted that the Ladies Golf Committee is in full preparation mode and another well designed season is in the offing. 
d.    Pool: No Report.
e.    Membership: Mr. Chairman T. Kinne, advised the Board of a number of requests for changes in status, resignations and new memberships. The Board then approved the following actions as recommended by the Membership Committee: 
    TOM & MARLENE ATWOOD             FAMILY GOLF        
    SARA & RICHARD KOFFMAN            FAMILY GOLF        
    KEITH & KACY WARNER                   30-34 FAMILY GOLF    
    BILL STURMAN                                 SINGLE GOLF        
    TED BORASKI                                   SINGLE GOLF    
    CAM BORASKI                                  YOUNG SINGLE GOLF    
    DAVID & JILL CURTIS                        FAMILY POOL SOCIAL    
    JUDY MATHUS                                 SINGLE TENNIS   

                LEAVE OF ABSENCE:            
    TED PTAK                    FAMILY TO SINGLE GOLF (2017 only)        
    ELI KATZMAN              FAMILY TO SINGLE GOLF           
    MIKE COE                   SINGLE GOLF TO SOCIAL (2017 only)        
    STEVE FENIG               DROP SINGLE GOLF     
    IAN AKERS                  HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2017 only)        
    DEVYN OLDS              HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2017 only)        
    WILL ROBBINS            HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2017 only)        
    ALEX SCARBRO           HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2017 only)        
    ERIC VANZON             SINGLE TENNIS TO SOCIAL (2017 only)        
    DAVID MITCHELL        DROP FAMILY POOL                        
    ROBERT LANDAU         SINGLE GOLF                        
    MARK MASSINI            SOCIAL    
    JAMIE ODEGAARD       SINGLE GOLF                    
    MARK TOMICH             SINGLE GOLF    
f. Tennis: Ms. Chairwoman Yeager served up a reminder that Friday 5 May 2017 is the target date for the opening of the tennis courts. She was optimistic on the timing and the state of preparation for the season.
5.    Old Business:
a.    Consideration of the lower level entryway landscaping was tabled.
b.    Nepotism Policy: It was agreed that a thoughtful but practical guideline would be in the interest of the Club and any employees. An uncomplicated and simply worded policy is being developed for the April session of the Board of Governors.
6.    New Business:
a.    A motion was made and approved to assign Mr. Secretary Thomas Berkel as the Wyantenuck representative charged to attend the 4 April 2017 meeting regarding the merger of the WGAM (Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts) and the MGA (Massachusetts Golf Association) into one organization. This consolidation will create one organization to represent the 87,000 male and female golfers of all ages in the Commonwealth. Mr. Berkel gladly accepted the charge of casting the Club’s affirmative vote for the merger on 4 April in Norton, Massachusetts. The name Massachusetts Golf Association will be retained as the new organization’s name.
b.    Mr. B. Hull announced the development of a new form which will have the dual purpose of a planning tool for events held at the club and a record of the details of the event for future analysis and review. The form is simple and captures key data all in one place.
c.    Head Professional T. Sullivan asked the Board to consider hosting the MIAA (Massachusetts Inter-Collegiate Athletic Association) Division III Championship in late October 2017. The Club has often leant its support to High School amateur golf. The board unanimously approved the event, most likely to be played on or about one of either Monday 23 or Monday 30 October 2017, both dates unlikely to have any noticeable impact on the Club schedule.
7.    The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Thursday 20 April 2017 at 6:00 PM.
8.    There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 6:42 PM o’clock. Respectfully submitted, Thomas Berkel, Secretary