Minutes of the Board of Governors 23 June 2016

Present: Mr. Benham Jr., Mr. Berkel, Mr. Congdon, Mr. Farrell, Mr. Hull, Mrs. Iemolini, Mr. Kelly, Ms. McCormick, Mr. Rembisz, Mr. Riva       Absent: Mr. Cleaveland, Mr. Fasano, Mr. T. Kinne, Ms. Yeager                                                   Others attending: Mr. T. Sullivan, Ms. VanDeusen, Mrs. D. Benham

1.      The meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM o’clock, President Rich Congdon presiding.

2.      Mr. Congdon asked for and received approval of the Minutes of the Board dated 19 May 2016.

3.      Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland, Mr. Congdon distributed the customary financial “flash sheet” to the Board. By all accounting of all accounts the Club is resolutely solvent.

4.      Committee Reports:

a.      House & Patio: Mrs. Iemolini reported that the House has come up to its summertime, tireless overdrive. Separately, she updated the Board on House personnel and the medical leave recommended by the Executive Committee for Chef Rebecca. She has undergone a planned medical procedure and is expected to return in late July or early August. The House Committee and Board felt the leave will allow her recovery the best chance of speedy and complete success, and the House was in a good position to manage the July load (Redfield, Four Ball, summer surge) with retention of staff.

b.      Greens: Mr. Chairman Benham reported that aerification of the putting surfaces was successfully completed, and as of this writing they are back in tip-top shape. The golf course is being readied for the peak July period, with Mr. Bacon and staff keeping their usual wary eye on Mother Nature. While her intentions are beyond precise prediction, dry conditions are upon us and we are behind the average June rainfall of 5.08 inches. Good news for golfers, the ball is bounding on and running out on the fairways. This is partially offset by potential bad news for (some) golfers, the ball is bouncing and running out on the greens!

c.       Men’s Golf: There was no Men’s Golf report. Ladies Golf reported the Committee has organized with Edna Mead, Cindy Tossavainen and Betsy Pearson joining the committee lead by Marge Kinne. The Member-Member was a well attended 32 person field, and prizes for all events in 2016 will be handed out at the banquet on 28 September. Sharon Connelly has been appointed Ladies Handicap Chair for the season.

d.      Pool: Mrs. Chairwoman Benham reported the pool is at its highest membership rate in nearly ten (10) years. The Committee has recommended and the Board accepted a review and the establishment of a “capacity number” in order to allow for the likelihood that members will be accommodated during peak season and busy holiday periods. One likely feature of the “cap” will be a hold on new additions to Pool membership for the time being. The pool is one area where the Club must abide by certain capacity limits based on physical space. Separately, Michaela Dohoney has been added to the committee.

e. Membership: In the absence of Mr. Chairman T. Kinne, it was reported that the Membership Committee met and submitted several changes, adjustments and new membership candidates for the consideration of the Board, which Mr. Congdon reviewed for the Board. The Board took actions to approve the following:


Ronald Frohne               Single to Family Golf and Tennis (add wife, Caroline)        

New Memberships:                          

John Kimelman                 Single Tennis

Janet Lee                         Single Tennis

Molly Wood                       Weekday Tennis

Seth & Liz Hilton Segel      Family Golf


f.        Tennis: There was no Tennis report. 

5.  Old Business: None.

6.      New Business:

a.      The Board approved a gift certificate for golf and carts for four to the Berkshire Kids Place in Pittsfield, as a fund raising item. Kids Place is a center for young people from all of Berkshire County.

b.      The Board received a letter of resignation from Barbara and Norman Reitman, members since 1964        (52 years). The Board, in a motion, rejected the letter of resignation and provided Norman and Barbara Reitman with an honorary lifetime membership. The Board also forwarded to the Reitman’s the best wishes of the Club.

7.      The Board of Governors, with the Club being in good order and on sound footing, agreed to forego a meeting in July, thus, the next meeting of the Board will be the 121st Annual Meeting of the Wyantenuck Country Club. Such meeting, scheduled in accordance with Article VI Section 1 of the By Laws of the Corporation, will be held Friday the 26th of August at 8:00 PM o’clock in the evening in the main hall of the Clubhouse. Members should expect the customary proxy mailing prior to that date.

8.      There being no further business to come before the Board the meeting was ADJOURNED: 6:47 PM o’clock.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Berkel, Secretary