Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 17 January 2018                                                                               Present: Mr. D. Benham, Jr., Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Hull, Mr. B. Leary, Ms. K. McCormick,         Mr. B. Riva, Mrs. D. Whalen  Absent: Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. R. Congdon, Mrs. R. Dolber, Mr. M. Emprimo                     In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen
1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM o’clock, President Dick Kelly presiding.
2.    Mr. Kelly requested and received approval from the Board of Governors the Minutes of the meeting, as recorded, on 14 December 2017. 
3.  Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland the monthly flash report was distributed showing figures ending 31 December 2017. The report highlighted that expenses were well controlled and thrift there helped to partially offset a financial loss due largely to a decrease in membership and the resultant decrease of revenues, which has been documented through the year. The $60,000 negative was covered with resources from the Club’s rainy day fund. Mr. Kelly noted that there is a continuing concern about membership revenues due to the aging out of members, a decline in cart revenues, reduced younger population in the area, a high number of seniors in the frozen dues category, downward membership-category adjustments among existing members, and limited new memberships added from either local or non-local categories. Mr. Kelly said this is his motivation to pull together a separate task force to gather facts and figures, ideas and concepts, and attempt to tease out practical goals that the Club’s committees can work toward in the future.
4.  Committee Reports
a.    House & Patio: Mr. Chairman B. Hull reported the House Committee is re-organizing its members. Chef Robert Desaulniers is busy creating menus and pricing for 2018. Mr. Hull reminded the Board that the 2018 event menu will be available for planning purposes in March, and again, all Chairpersons and event leaders should establish early times to commence planning for the best results. Mr. Hull also wanted to remind all members to please be mindful of and adhere to the Club’s dress code, especially to inform guests. The Club policy is quite contemporary and asks only a reasonable esprit de corps in keeping with a goal of ‘smart’ casual dress when the bar reopens on the first of April. Lastly, Mr. Hull said he will welcome all communication with those wishing to plan events in 2018. 
b.    Greens: Mr. Chairman Leary reported the course is “in hibernation.” Mr. Hull asked about the impact of the recent ice and snow and freezing, to wit Mr. Leary noted there was no reason to believe there is cause for concern at this time. He said Mr. Bacon and staff will be monitoring things as they indefatigably do.       c.  Golf: None  d.  Pool: None
d. Membership: In the absence of Ms. Co-Chair Yeager, Mr. Leary presented several adjustments, resignations and new members to the Board. After Mr. Leary walked the Board through the recommendations of the Membership Committee the following were approved:                    
BOBBY WHITBECK                      YOUNG SINGLE GOLF        
PETER FASANO                           SINGLE GOLF    
JEFF & MARY BIJUR                    FAMILY GOLF        
CAM POWELL                            JUNIOR GOLF        
KITTY BENEDICT                        SENIOR SINGLE TENNIS    
PAT CONLIN                              SENIOR SINGLE TENNIS    
KIM GERSHON                           SINGLE POOL SOCIAL & JUNIOR GOLF           
LISA HANSEN                            SINGLE POOL SOCIAL                   
    LENNY SALAMON                FAMILY TO SINGLE GOLF (Dianne resigns)        
    MICHAEL ALTOBELLO          SINGLE TO FAMILY GOLF (Add wife, Cricket)        
    ALAN DOLBER                      ADD SINGLE GOLF        
    RUSTY & VETA MOTT            SENIOR FAMILY GOLF        
    EDNA MEAD                          SENIOR SINGLE GOLF        
   JOHN KELLOGG                    SENIOR SINGLE GOLF        
    LENNY SALAMON                SENIOR SINGLE GOLF        
    CHRISSY RAJALA                  SINGLE GOLF TO SOCIAL (2018 only)        
    TERRI IEMOLINI                     DROP JUNIOR GOLF        
    HENRY GRANT                     HOLD JUNIOR GOLF & TENNIS (2018 only)        
    WILLIAM ROBBINS               HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2018 only)        
    SUZI HENRY                         HOLD JUNIOR GOLF (2018 only)        
    NOAH MEYEROWITZ           HOLD JUNIOR TENNIS (2018 only)        
    CALEB BRESLIN                    HOLD JUNIOR TENNIS (2018 only)        
    RON MCLAREN                    DROP SINGLE TENNIS (2018 only)        
    ERIC KATZMAN                    DROP SINGLE TENNIS (2018 only)        
    PAT MURTAGH                     DROP SINGLE POOL (2018 only)        
    STEVE SEWARD                    DROP SINGLE POOL (Sonia resigns)          
    DICK SOLAR                         DROP SENIOR POOL (2018 only)        
                   NEW MEMBERSHIPS:            
    KURT BARTZSCH                   SINGLE GOLF        
    TODD FAEDI                             SINGLE GOLF            
    MORTON & LYNN FUHR           FAMILY GOLF    
    PHILIP GHI                                SINGLE GOLF
  Mr. Leary noted that the Membership Committee is continually exploring ideas for recruiting new members, and he presented a concept to the Board for its consideration. The committee, based on some communication with current members, asked the Board its feeling on recruiting young (21-29 years old) prospective members from beyond the 65 mile limit for local members at some reduced total cost of dues and initiation fees. The concept would allow the potential of recruiting future second home owners very early on and perhaps retaining them for a long term as they establish their careers and life styles. The Board expressed favor toward the concept and encouraged the Membership Committee to pursue the idea and develop a motion proposing a program for action in February, or for the Executive Committee to act on if the concept is viewed as time sensitive.   e.  Tennis: None
5.  Old Business: Mr. Kelly only noted that the task force is forming along with its charter and he noted that he believes it is timely and appropriate that the Club look out into the future for the key things that will keep it relevant and allow for a long term way forward.
6.  New Business: 
a.    The Board approved a limited outing for Berkshire School alumni on Friday 8 June and Saturday 9 June. This is a familiar outing group, is small and will not affect play.
b.    The Club received notes of appreciation for earlier donations from:
i.    Muddy Brook Elementary
ii.    Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund
c.    Mr. Kelly sought and received approval by the Board of a request from Tennis Committee Chair Liz Yeager to create and post modest signs at a few key locations inviting prospective members for the Tennis program to contact the Club.
7.   The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Thursday 15 February 2018 at 6:00 PM.  (The Board also tentatively scheduled an additional date on Thursday 15 March 2018.)
8.  There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 7:29 PM o’clock. 
Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Berkel, Secretary