Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting of 25 January 2017
Present: Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. P. Fasano, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Hull, Mr. B. Leary, Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. Riva, Mrs. D. Whalen, Ms. L. Yeager
Absent: Mr. D. Benham, Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. T. Kinne     Others In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mr. Bacon
1.    The meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM o’clock, President Rich Congdon presiding.
2.    Mr. Congdon requested a motion to accept the minutes of the meeting of 14 December 2016. After such motion and second of same, the minutes were approved.
3.    Treasurer's Report: In the absence of Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland the monthly flash sheet was distributed. Figures as of the close of business 12/31/2016 showed a net loss of $16,322 for the year, driven by higher costs in the kitchen that were partially offset by savings from other areas. Revenues for 2017 are only just beginning to be received.
4.    Committee Reports:
a.    House: Mr. Chairman Bruce Hull outlined the several steps the House Committee has taken to organize for 2017. Staffing is set, and three menus are being developed: a regular lunch menu, an events menu (to allow for simplified pricing for events), and an extended hours menu (for limited Friday and Saturday extra hour service during a portion of the summer). Mr. Hull announced there will be a limited series of Friday theme dinners replacing the regular Friday Night dinners which were experiencing declining attendance and increased cost. June 23 will be “Chop Night.” A July date will link in a family friendly theme with the pool and the Kradel, and an August luau theme is being considered. The kitchen will open Friday 29 April 2017 and remain so through to Columbus Day (9 October) 2017. The Bar will commence operations 1 April 2017 and continue through to Thursday 30 November as per the Club’s beverage license. Other traditional key dates: Friday 26 May 2017 the House Committee’s Welcome Back Cocktail Reception, Sunday 14 May 2017 Mother’s Day Brunch, and Sunday 18 June 2017 Father’s Day Brunch. 
b.    Greens: Mr. Chairman Leary noted that he has been walking the golf course this winter whilst the snow holds off, and he reported that Mr. Superintendent Bacon has been engaged in leveraging his knowledge of arbors with additional silviculture activities. Mr. Bacon noted several removals: some planned at the outset, others cleaning up impromptu wreckage wrought by nature. The net effect will be a safer golf course. Members will notice pine trees that have been removed on #1 (left), #4 (left), #8 (left), near the teeing grounds of #11 and #12, a maple from the right side of #13 has been taken and a tree overhanging the bunker on #17 was suspected of some weakness and was revealed to be rotten to the core when removed. Certain white oak limbs cantilevered out over the 17th putting surface will be trimmed. Mr. Bacon also noted the surface of the bridge at #17 was resurfaced with wood planks, the previous set having served for 34 years and met their useful life. Mr. Leary lauded Mr. Bacon’s proactive approach to the practical and strategic management of the grounds.
c.    Golf and Pool: No Reports. 
d.    Membership: In the absence of Mr. Chairman T. Kinne, Ms. Yeager led the Board through a number of requests for changes in status, resignations and new memberships. The Board approved the following actions:                      RESIGNATIONS:            
                             BOB & SALLY BLACKMAN       SENIOR FAMILY GOLF
     TRENT RIVERS            30-34 SINGLE GOLF    ARTHUR & JOANN ROCK    FAMILY TENNIS                          JUDI GLASER-MARASH        SINGLE POOL SOCIAL    CAITLYN TRACY                SINGLE POOL SOCIAL    CHARLES BUONANNO         SOCIAL                             PATRICIA ROWELL        SOCIAL                                      LEAVE OF ABSENCE:            
 DAVID KAY        SINGLE GOLF                    
    EJ TRUNDLE            SINGLE TO FAMILY GOLF (Add wife, Alexandra)                                                                  RICK RICHARDSON        FAMILY TO SINGLE GOLF (Nancy resigns)                                                                 GARY SCHIENEMAN        FAMILY TO SINGLE SENIOR GOLF     
                    ADJUSTMENTS: (Continued)
BILL STURMAN            SINGLE GOLF TO SOCIAL                   ED USTICO                SINGLE GOLF TO SOCIAL
CAM POWELL            DROP JUNIOR GOLF                          NATE LACOMBE     DROP JUNIOR GOLF & POOL
ERIC KATZMAN            DROP SINGLE TENNIS                        RON MCLAREN        DROP SINGLE TENNIS     
NATE NICKERSON        DROP FAMILY POOL                           DICK SOLAR       DROP FAMILY POOL    
DANA DAPOLITO        FAMILY TO SINGLE SOCIAL (Anthony resigns)        
                    NEW MEMBERSHIPS:    
            BROOKE JANIS                SINGLE TENNIS            
            SUSAN IDE JUNTA            SINGLE TENNIS        
            BEN KEEFNER                SINGLE GOLF    
            STEVEN TRUTA & LYNN WOLF        FAMILY GOLF        
            SIMON & EMILY SHAW            FAMILY POOL SOCIAL
e.    Tennis: Ms. Chairwoman Yeager noted the Tennis Professional has signed his contract, as expected, and things are getting aligned to serve up the tennis season.
5.    Old Business:
a.    Lower level entryway landscaping: Mr. Leary reviewed the process of bidding and proposals for the redesign of the lower entryway. The estimates having been received and reviewed, Mr. Leary gave the Board a recommendation. Action on this project will be considered at the February meeting of the Board.
b.    Main floor restrooms: Mr. Hull reported that the Club received only three bids, one very lately. He found it lamentable that the local economy has shifted the attention of many contractors to large scale projects. Further, the bids all reflected a timing that will push the project (should the Board agree to adopt it) unavoidably to the Fall of 2017 to avoid construction in the middle of the Club’s high season. The Board discussed and committed to methods to get through the 2017 season providing all practicable comfort and access to restrooms for those members for whom stairs represent a bit of a barrier. The pace of the project being disappointing notwithstanding, the House Committee and the Treasurer insist on proper review, vetting, and budgeting of all facets of the project.
6.    New Business: 
a.    The Board of Governors approved a request from Berkshire School for their annual limited tee time outing for June 9 and June 10 of 2017. The group was approved for the customary two tee times on those dates.
b.    Mr. Congdon presented three policies for the Board to consider.
i.    The Board adopted a transparent “Open Bidding Policy” for projects at the Club.
ii.    The Board adopted a policy prohibiting the consumption of marijuana on Club property. This policy was necessitated by the recent change in the law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Club has followed the lead of the overwhelming number of private Clubs in the Commonwealth.
iii.    The Board confirmed that the wireless speaker ban is included within the present policy on mobile devices which prohibits the audible use of mobile devices on Club grounds. (See Mobile Device Policy)
iv.    The Board began the process of developing a Nepotism Policy with the expectation that it would be reviewed at the February session.
c.    Mr. Hull asked for, and the Board unequivocally and unanimously endorsed, the support of the Board for staff in their responsibility to, when necessary, gently remind members of policies when members forgetfully transgress Club policy. In some cases visitors transgress policy due to ignorance. In any case, if staff needs to remind members or guests of policy, such reminder is done in the interest of all members at the Club and with the full faith and support of the Board.
7.    The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Friday 24 February 2017 at 6:00 PM.
8.    There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 7:36 PM o’clock. Respectfully submitted, 
    Thomas Berkel, Secretary