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Hole 1

A 337 yard slight dogleg left that plays longer than its yardage. It is a lateral hazard on the right side and there is a small stream and trees on the left. A good drive to the middle of the fairway will leave you with 150 yards or less uphill to the green. Use an extra club, it plays longer than the marked yardage and its appearance. This is one of the toughest greens on the course, it slopes severely from left to right. Leave yourself below the hole for a chance to two putt this green. Green is bunkered on the right side.

Hole 2

A blind 246 yard shot is all you need for a chance at par on this par three. Aim at the target pole in the middle of the fairway. The fairway and green slope away from you and you will get a lot of roll. Hit the club you normally hit 220 yards. If you find yourself hitting a short wedge to this hole, allow the ball to land just short of the green, and the slope will take your ball below the hole. Ring the bell when you get off of the green to let the group behind you know that the green is clear.

Hole 3

A straight-away 367 yards to the green on this easy par 4. The green is bunkered right, left and long. A good tee shot to the center or right side of the fairway leaves you a short iron into the green. Too far left on your drive leaves you with a blind shot to the green. Long fescue (keep a close eye on where it goes in) on the left.

Hole 4

The number one handicap. 440 yards dogleg right, uphill to a two tier green. On the right you can cut the corner. A driver hit straight to the left side will go through the fairway into the tree line. The second shot is uphill, and plays one to two clubs longer than marked. All shots roll to the right on the fairway. The green has one bunker on the right and is two tiered, higher on the back. Needless to say, if you are on the wrong tier, it is extremely difficult to two putt.

Hole 5

A 601 yard par 5. Take out your driver and let it rip. You will get a lot of roll if you keep the ball in the fairway, but it will still take two more shots to reach the green. The green has bunkers on the left hand side. Except for the tree line that you can see on the left side, all of the trouble on this hole is on the right including trees and fescue. Stay to the left side of the fairway for a good score.

Hole 6

A short 356 yard par 4 that you can score on. The tee shot is blind, over the hill. Hit toward the target pole in the middle of the wide fairway. A long iron or fairway wood off of the tee will leave you with 130 yards into a green bunkered short left and right.

Hole 7

Here we go again, 228 yards to a par 3. Let it out here if you want to reach this one as it plays longer than the 2nd hole. You don't get a lot of roll up to the green. Bunkers left, right and long.

Hole 8

487 yards to a slight dogleg right par 5 with a large green. Don't try to cut the corner close on the right because you will find yourself in the rough or trees. Watch out for the fescue on the drive hit long and left. Because it is uphill, it is really difficult to reach with two very good shots. The fairway slopes to the right so you will try and hit to the left. Bunkers left and right on this very deep green.

Hole 9

The tee on this 175 yard par 3 is the highest point on the golf course. Hit your shot to the middle of the green and get an easy par 3. Out of bounds on the right side and bunkers left and right. Before you leave the green, take a second and enjoy one of the best views in Berkshire County.

Hole 10

A beautiful view from this tee. An easy 324 yard par four that plays straight down the hill. Avoid the out of bounds on the right hand side. There is one bunker on the right side that you might be glad you found if you are heading for the woods, and there is a group of bunkers on the left that you can find with your tee shot as well. Some long hitters reach this green, but if you are not going for it take a long iron and put your ball in the middle of the fairway. The green slopes severely away from the fairway. Play to land short of the green and let it roll on.

Hole 11

Play your best shot off of the tee here as everyone in the clubhouse has a chance to watch you on this pretty par 3. One club less than the indicated distance on this hole as it plays downhill.

Hole 12

Let it rip on this 423 yard par 4. On the left side of fairway, there is a bunker that you want to avoid. The second shot is key on this hole. The green is surrounded on by very deep bunkers. If you are not sure on your approach shot, the safe play is to be short in front of the green between the bunkers.

Hole 13

A pretty 564 yard par 5, the only one on the back side. After your downhill tee shot, your have to decide whether to try and go over the water on your second shot. It is usually not advisable, because you are unlikely to find a good lie on the far side of the water. The front edge of the water is 130 yards from the hole in center of the fairway, and you have at least 20 yards of carry to get across. The river is about 15 yards closer on your approach on the left side and 15 yards further on the right side. Lay it up and leave yourself 140 to 150 yards into the green.

Hole 14

184 yards across the water on the last par 3 of the five on the course. Hit it 160 yards to carry the water. There are bunkers on the left and right side of this green. Bring your driver for the next tee as it is next to the green across the water.

Hole 15

This 389 yard par 4 got a new green a few years ago. A tee shot on the left side of the fairway sets up the best approach shot. Do you see that bunker on right in front of the green. Don't let it fool you. You have about 40 yards of fairway and another bunker between that bunker and the green. Bunkers front and left on this green.

Hole 16

This hole got a new tee that put the blues way back. 435 yards to the green, with out of bounds on the right side. The green is protected on the left and right by bunkers and an approach shot pulled left can find Green River left as well. This deep green slopes toward the fairway.

Hole 17

It plays 401 yards from an elevated tee. You have to play across the river to the center of the fairway. The green is in a bowl on the top of the hill. You have to play two clubs more than indicated by the distance to get it to the putting surface. If you have hit an errant tee shot, lay up to the narrow part of the fairway and remember that you still need to play it like its 20 yards longer, even from 85 yards away.

Hole 18

An easy finishing hole if you keep your tee shot out of the bunkers on the left and right side of the fairway. You are playing up to a 3 tier green, left, right and back. An approach to the proper level will get you the best score

Course Ratings/Slope

                            Men         Women
Back                 71.2/128
Middle              69.3/122     75.3/128
Forward            65.6/115     71.6/123