Conditional Minutes of the 124th Meeting of the Members of Wyantenuck Country Club The Meeting was held on Friday, August 23, 2019 at the Club in the Main Room on West Sheffield Road at eight o’clock in the evening. Present: Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Leary, Mr. B. Riva, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. W. Tighe, Mrs. D. Whalen. Absent: Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. M. Emprimo, Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. A. Gilligan In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mrs. Sharon Connelly (Redfield Chair), and members. 1. The 124th Annual Meeting of the Members of Wyantenuck Country Club was called to order at 8:00 PM o’clock, President Dick Kelly presiding.

2. Mr. Kelly requested a moment of silence for remembrance of those who passed away during the last year.

3. The Conditional Minutes of the 123rd Annual Meeting of the Members were read and upon motion accepted as the Minutes of the Meeting as recorded.

4. Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland, the Treasurer’s report was read. All financial statements for each month and for period ending in July, in addition to all tax forms and returns filed in compliance with all Statutes and requirements are available in the office. All annual, quarterly and monthly tax related forms have been filed with the appropriate local, state, and federal agencies. Mr. Cleaveland extended his thanks to Ms. VanDeusen for constant assistance, and to the Committee Chairs for their hard work. He further expressed his appreciation to those serving on the newly formed Finance Committee, and for the loyalty of the Club’s active Membership, all of which aided revenues and Treasury operations. Mr. Cleaveland concluded his report by thanking the membership for allowing him the privilege of serving as Treasurer for the last several years.

5. Committee Reports: The several Committee reports were delivered by the Chairs or by Committee members or Board members. The reports were Men’s Golf, Tennis, Pool, Men’s Four Ball, Redfield Committee, Ladies Golf, Greens, House, and the Membership Committee. Mr. Kelly thanked the several presenters and the respective Committees and their Chairs. The reports reflected the Club’s usual and continuous improvement efforts across the several departments. Special note was made of machinery improvements of the pool pumps and filters, new additions to upgrade kitchen capacity, new food preparation equipment enabling specialty items, and new carpeting and a refresh of the exterior of the Clubhouse with new stain and trim paint. There were also some new social events that pointed toward a way forward to increase member gatherings fostering interaction and connection between members. The Tennis program was noted to be at capacity with a series of strong junior camps during the summer. The conditions on the golf course and tennis facility were lauded for their usual high level all of which enabled an enjoyable season. The 116th Men’s Fourball and the 2019 Redfield Tournaments were very successful, marked by attention to details that improved the player experience inclusive of the modernity of electronic score reporting and the comfort of traditional big scoreboards for the events. Separately, the various Chairs extended their appreciation to Ms. VanDeusen, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Bacon. Mr. Kelly noted encouraging positive feedback from members and he expressed his appreciation for members who fully support the Club as efforts are made to try new ways to strengthen the member experience and club business operations. He thanked the members and chairs for their commitment to improvement, and especially thanked the Board members rotating off: Mr. Buddy Riva and Mr. Dave Farrell with special thanks extended to Mr. Joe Cleaveland for his stewardship as Treasurer.

6. Old Business: None

7. New Business: Mr. William Kormanik suggested to the Board that given the incremental aging of the membership that a few more handicap parking spots might be allotted near the Clubhouse. Mr. Kelly said the Board will act on the idea, noting the practicality of the notion. Separately, there was a question regarding the removal of trees from the golf course in particular and whether there was a plan to offset the loss of those trees with other arbors to keep up the Club’s contribution to the environment. Mr. Leary noted that several of the trees removed had safety issues and that there is a plan to clean up and rationalize plantings. Mr. Berkel noted that Mr. Bacon has replaced trees poorly suited for a golf course (white pines, willows) with a number of new young maples and oaks, particularly along Hole #13, and that Mr. Bacon is actively following guidance (USGA Green Section) for both asthetic and strategic plantings to maximized the visual beauty of the course and the environmental benefit of trees and smaller plants and flowers.

8. Upon motion, seconded and unanimously approved, it was resolved that; “all acts taken by the Board of Governors from the preceding year be ratified and confirmed by the membership.”

9. Election of Officers: The Secretary, reading from the Notice of Annual Meeting, reported that The Nominating Committee placed into nomination, each for a four year term on the Board of Governors: Mr. Howard Arkans, Mr. Thomas Palivoda, Mr. Dennis Olszewski, and Mr. Ben Schopp (fulfilling the unexpired term of Mrs. Roslyn Dolber); for a three year term on the Nominating Committee, Mr. James A. Cunningham, and each for a one year term, Mr. Malcolm Fick as Treasurer, and Mr. Thomas Berkel as Secretary. There being no other slate presented, the Secretary, having recorded and submitted Member’s proxies, cast one vote for the slate.

10. The Board of Governors and Members having no further business, adjourned at 8:32 PM o’clock.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas Berkel, Secretary

Minutes of the Board of Governors Pilot Meeting of 23 August 2019

Present: Mr. H. Arkans, Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. M. Fick, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. B. Leary, Mr. D. Olszewski, Mr. T. Palivoda, Mr. B. Schopp, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. B. Tighe and Mrs. D. Whalen.

Absent: Mr. M. Emprimo and Mr. A. Gilligan. In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen.

1. In accordance with Article IV, Section 1 of the By Laws the Pilot Meeting was called to order by Mr. Secretary Berkel, at 8:45 PM o’clock.

2. Mr. Berkel next requested and received approval from the Board of the Minutes of the Governor’s meeting of 23 May 2019.

3. Mr. Berkel then requested and received a motion from the Board, citing the recommendations of the Nominating Committee, for the election of Mr. Richard Kelly as President and Mr. Bernard Leary as Vice President. The motion was duly seconded. There being no other nominations from any Board of Governor, the Secretary asked for a vote. By a unanimous voice favoring those nominations, Mr. Kelly was elected President and Mr. Leary Vice President. (At this point Mr. Secretary Berkel ceded control of the meeting to Mr. President Kelly.)

4. Mr. Kelly welcomed the new members of the Board, reported that the Committee Chairs will remain in place for the duration of 2019, and new or renewed Chairs will be determined in the coming weeks and that the Board will step through that process at an upcoming session.

5. Old Business: Mr. Berkel reported that the Long Range Task Force was developing a document for the BOG. Mr. Kelly asked that the document be distributed to the BOG in September with a discussion of the conclusions in October when thoughts can be gathered and prior to the 2020 Planning and Budgeting period.

6. New Business:

a. The Board reviewed and approved gift certificates and carts for four players to be used as fund raising items by the following organizations, all of which qualify under the Club’s policy for support to area charities and organizations:

i. Fairview Hospital

ii. Berkshire County Kids Place

b. The BOG received thank you notes for previous donations from:

i. Great Barrington Rotary

ii. Roeliff Jansen Community Library

c. Mr. T. Smith encouraged action on membership categories, fees, and the like in advance of the budgeting season. Mr. Treasurer Fick noted that the timing would be appropriate to discuss the ideas flowing from the report out of the Long Range Task Force and from the Membership Committee which is processing thoughts for 2020.

d. Mr. Ben Schopp made a motion to “expand the handicap parking spaces near the Clubhouse by double the current number (to 6).” The motion was duly seconded and passed unanimously by the BOG noting the suggestion from Mr. Wm. Kormanik.

e. Under Article IV, Section 1, the BOG named Messers Tim Ryan and Mike Kinne to serve with Chair Wm. Tighe and appointing these as members of a “temporary committee deemed necessary” for Human Resources to serve not less than twelve months. The motion for same was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

7. The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Wednesday 18 September 2018 at 6:00 PM.

8. There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 9:14 PM o’clock.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Berkel, Secretary