Conditional Minutes of the 121st Meeting of the Members of Wyantenuck Country Club                                                            The Meeting was held on August 26, 2016 at the Club in the Main Room on West Sheffield Road at eight o’clock in the evening.   Present: Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, Mr. D. Benham, Jr., Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. B. Hull, Mr. T. Kinne,  Mr. R. Kelly, Mrs. T. Iemolini, Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. RivaAbsent: Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. D. Rembisz, Ms. L. Yeager, Mr. P. Fasano In Attendance:  Ms. J. VanDeusen, Mr. L. Premerlani, Mr. T. Sullivan and members.

1.      The 121st Annual Meeting of the Members of Wyantenuck Country Club was called to order at 8:00 PM o’clock, President Rich Congdon presiding.                                                                                                                                 

2. Mr. Congdon requested a moment of silence for remembrance of those who passed away during the last year.

3.      The Minutes of the 120th Annual Meeting of the Members were read and upon motion accepted.

4.      Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Treasurer Cleaveland reported that all financial statements for the current period are available in the office. These statements include comparisons to budget along with previous years totals. Mr. Cleaveland noted that Club revenues are meeting projections for the season, and the Club remains financially strong. All annual, quarterly and monthly tax related forms have been filed with the appropriate local, state, and federal agencies. Mr. Cleaveland extended his thanks to Ms. VanDeusen for constant assistance, and to the Committee Chairs for their hard work, and the loyalty of the Members, all of which made for the successful management of Treasury operations.

5.      Committee Reports: The several Committee reports were delivered by the Chairs or by Committee members or Board members. The reports were Men’s Golf, Tennis, Pool, Men’s Four Ball, Redfield Committee, Ladies Golf, Greens, House and the Membership Committee. Mr. Congdon thanked the several presenters and the respective Committees and their Chairs. The reports reflected maintenance and planned upkeep of the Club House, the rotation of old furniture and fixtures, plans for a restroom on the main floor of the Clubhouse, continuous improvement efforts at the Pool area, and the outstanding condition of our Golf course and Tennis courts and the general strength and stability of our club membership. The 2016 season was notable for an uptick in Tennis membership following a recruitment program effort. It was noted that our conditions were maintained even in a dry summer, and that the care and quality of our grounds continues to make Wyantenuck a Club of choice for many prospective members. The various Chairs extended their appreciation to Ms. VanDeusen, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Bacon.

6.      Old Business:

1.       Mr. Congdon thanked all those giving time and talent to the Club and noted those Governors who were concluding their tenures on the Board; Mr. Donald Rembisz, and Mrs. Terri Iemolini, and the outgoing Nominating Committee Chair Mr. John Tracy.

2.       Mrs. Muriel Muldorf enquired further about the plans for a restroom on the main floor of the Clubhouse. Mr. Congdon and Mrs. Iemolini outlined the planning that is underway, the retention of an architect, and the several meetings that transpired over the season to provide for a proper design and funding for the project. Mrs. Muldorf also spoke for several members expressing a wish for continued work by the House committee to optimize dining service as regards quality and efficiency of same.

7.  New Business: Mr. Raymond Muldorf offered a perspective on behalf of several members as regards the high rough surrounding the fairway bunkers on hole #12 and particularly #18. He noted it is challenging to our more senior members and their diminishing capacity to easily carry both the hazard (bunker) and the associated punitive rough beyond the hazard. He noted that lost golf balls outside the hazard are becoming more frequent, and while it was not a critical issue, he respectfully registered the view that a kinder, gentler area beyond the hazard would decrease angst and increase enjoyment of play.

8.      Upon motion, seconded and unanimously approved, it was resolved that; “all acts taken by the Board of Governors from the preceding year be ratified and confirmed by the membership.”

9.      Election of Officers: The Secretary, reading from the Notice of Annual Meeting, reported that The Nominating Committee placed into nomination, each for a four year term on the Board of Governors: Mr. Rich Congdon, Mr. Bernie Leary, and Mrs. Donna Whalen; for a three year term on the Nominating Committee, Mr. G. Thomas Mullany, Jr., and Mr. Joseph Cleaveland as Treasurer, and Mr. Thomas Berkel as Secretary. There being no other slate presented, the Secretary, having recorded and submitted Member’s proxies, cast one vote for the slate.

10. The Board of Governors and Members having no further business, adjourned at 8:35 PM o’clock.

Respectfully Submitted,


Thomas Berkel, Secretary


Minutes of the Board of Governors Pilot Meeting of 26 August 2016

Present: Mr. D. Benham, Jr., Mr. T. Berkel, Mr. R. Congdon, , Mr. D. Farrell, Mr. R. Kelly, Mr. T. Kinne, Mr. B. Hull,  Mr. B. Leary, Ms. K. McCormick, Mr. B. RivaAbsent: Mr. J. Cleaveland, Mr. P. Fasano, Mrs. D. Whalen, Ms. L. Yeager                                          In Attendance: Ms. J. VanDeusen.

1.       In accordance with Article IV, Section 1 of the By Laws the Pilot Meeting was called to order by Mr. Secretary Berkel, at 8:47 PM o’clock.

2.       Mr. Berkel next requested and received approval from the Board of the Minutes of the Governor’s meeting of 23 June 2016.

3.       Mr. Berkel then requested and received a motion from the Board for the election of Mr. Richard Congdon as President and Mr. Richard Kelly as Vice President. The motion was duly seconded. The Board took the opportunity to discuss myriad administrative issues including succession planning, the time commitment by various of the Committee Chairs and especially of the President. Mr. Farrell asked Mr. Congdon to briefly outline the hours involved, and noted that the time involved was significant. Mr. Leary noted that an experience factor was important in time served on the Board to understand the workings of the Club. Mr. Kelly agreed, noting that for his part serving as Vice President had been instructive, and he looked forward to even greater understanding. Ms. McCormick wondered if succession planning should be imbedded in the By Laws of the Club. Mr. Berkel noted the beauty of the simplicity and flexibility of the By Laws, but acknowledged that clear succession plans are a benefit to an organization and lead time and transparency of succession makes for good transitions and continuity of management. Those thoughts noted, there was a unanimous voice vote in favor of Mr. Congdon as President and Mr. Kelly as Vice President. Mr. Berkel then yielded conduct of the meeting to Mr. President Congdon.

4.       Mr. Congdon welcomed the new members of the Board. He also reported that the Committee Chairs will be determined by the next session of the Board of Governors. He anticipated several Chairs returning, but reserved announcements until all Chairs are confirmed.

5.       Old Business:

a.       Plans for the Main Floor Restroom have been drawn. Mr. Berkel noted that the architect was very thorough and that the structure of the Clubhouse itself dictated a good deal of the design with respect to permit restrictions and guidelines. Mr. Congdon noted the design was flexible and if it can be done financially, would be a good addition. It was noted that an assessment would likely be involved to cover the cost which is being determined. Mr. Kelly advised that plans will come to the Board from the sub-committee and will be made available to the membership for inspection and enquiry prior to approval and the work commencing.

b.      A letter was read from the Graybeal Family thanking the Club for its embrace of the Graybeal Memorial Scholarship Fund and the fund raising event to be held each year. It was also announced that the inaugural beneficiary of the scholarship is Mr. Mark Marzotto.

c.       A letter of thanks was acknowledged from Mr. & Mrs. Reitman for their honorary membership.

d.      A letter of thanks from the Roeliff Jansen Library for a previous gift certificate was noted.

6.       New Business: The Board reviewed and approved gift certificates and carts for four players to be used as fund raising items by the following organizations:

a.       St. Peter’s Parrish  b. Fairview Hospital    c. Corpus Christi Church    d. Literacy Network of So. Berkshires

b.      There was a brief discussion regarding the number of outside outings the Club now allows, the future cap on that number (5), and the routine policy on members hosting multiple guests (up to 7) at any one time with Board approval. It was noted that the Board is sensitive to a practicable “the course is for the members first” approach over any effort to leverage the course for revenues, hence the limitations on outside outings.

7.       The next meeting of the Board of Governors will be Thursday 22 September 2016 at 6:00 PM.

8.       There being no further business before the Board of Governors, the meeting adjourned: 9:40 PM o’clock.              Respectfully submitted,        


      Thomas Berkel, Secretary