2019 Area Club Schedules

Men's Area and Allied Schedule


3-4    Spring Open at Wyantenuck
***11***    Allied Four Ball at Wahconah
  12    Open 3 Man Scramble at Greenock
24    Stockbridge Singles at Stockbridge
    24-25-26-27    Foursome Best Ball Open at Worthington
    25-26    John Fraser Memorial Scramble at Skyline
29    Berkshire Hills Pro-Am at BHCC

      1-2     Stockbridge Trophy at Stockbridge
  7-8-9     Spring Open 4 Ball at Wahconah
7-8-9    Mens Invitational at CCOP
                                                        7-8-9 Open Four Ball Scramble at Worthington                                                        12 Open Senior Four Ball at Stockbridge
***16***    Allied Father Son at Wyantenuck
     21-22-23    Pewter Cup at BHCC
                                           21-22-23    Member Guest at Taconic                                               


* 1 *** Allied Senior at Taconic
6 Mixed Scotch at Wahconah
6 Worthington Cup at Worthington
6-7 3 Men and a Lady Scramble at Egremont
    7    Women's Member Guest at Waubeeka
12    One Day Member Guest at Stockbridge
                                                       12-13-14    Member Guest at Waubeeka                                                                12-13-14  Wahconah Member Guest at Wahconah
    14    Open 4 man Team (Tee Times) at Greenock
19-20-21    Invitational Four Ball at Wyantenuck
                                                          19-20-21    Open Two Ball at Worthington                                                             24   Member Guest at CCOP        
    25-26-27-28    Williams Alumni at Taconic/Waubeeka
    26-27-28     Singles at BHCC
    28   Open Mixed Scotch at Stockbridge

 2-3-4    Open Singles at Worthington
    2-3-4    Member Guest at Skyline    2-3-4    Invitational Four Ball at Stockbridge
3-4    Member Guest at FPCC
    9-10-11    Summer Open Four Fall at Wahconah
    ***11***    Allied Team & Individual Championship at CCOP
    ***11***    Allied Individual Net Championship at Egremont
    ***12***    Allied Junior Championship at Waubeeka
       16-17-18    Little Brown Jug at Wahconah
18    Two Ball Best Ball Michelob Open at Skyline
    24-25    Stockbridge Member Guest at Stockbridge


Sept    2-3-4    Labor Day Weekend    Open
        6-7  Two Person Scramble Scramble at Worthington
***8***    Allied Mixed Scotch at Stockbridge
14-15    Member Guest at Greenock
15 Mixed Scotch 9 Hole/Scramble 9 Hole at BHCC
   20-21    Wiggy Cup at Torrington
    21-22    Open 2 Man Ryder Cup (Tee Times) at Greenock
23    Four Ball Classic at Taconic
25  Senior Open at Greenock
27-28-29 Falling Leaves Mixed Scotch at Worthington
28-29    Member Guest at Wyantenuck
                                                            28-29    BHCC Member Guest at BHCC                                                     28 Memorial Scotch at FPCC


2 Greenock Pro-Am at Greenock      
4-5-6    Senior Two-Ball at Worthington
    4-5-6    Open Two Man Scramble at Skyline
  6    Hank Waddock Scotch at Greenock
12-13-14    Open 2 Man Scramble (Tee Times) at Greenock
13 Autumn Mixed Scotch at Waubeeka
    19    One Day Member Guest at Waubeeka
    19-20    Open 2-Ball at Greenock
    20    Open Scotch at Taconic
    27    Open Par 3 Tournament at Waubeeka

           Women's Area and Allied Schedule                     

13 Two Woman Scramble at Worthington GC

18 Ladies' Best Ball of 2 Partners at Egremont CC ??


August 12 Ladies' Allied Championship at Wyantenuck CC

28 Best Ball if 2 Partners at Berkshire Hills CC

??? Two Woman Scotch at Greenock                                                       

  Berkshire Junior Monday Schedule

8-July  at Wahconah
15 July at  Greenock
22-July at Stockbridge
29 July at  Worthington
5-Aug  at Egremont
12-Aug  at Waubeeka