2019 Tentative Area Club Schedules

Men's Area and Allied Schedule


3-4    Spring Open at Wyantenuck
***11***    Allied Four Ball at Wahconah
  12    Open 3 Man Scramble at Greenock
24    Stockbridge Singles at Stockbridge
    24-25-26-27    Foursome Best Ball Open at Worthington
    25-26    John Fraser Memorial Scramble at Skyline
29    Berkshire Hills Pro-Am at BHCC

      1-2     Stockbridge Trophy at Stockbridge
  7-8-9     Spring Open 4 Ball at Wahconah
7-8-9    Mens Invitational at CCOP
                                                        7-8-9 Open Four Ball Scramble at Worthington                                                        12 Open Senior Four Ball at Stockbridge
***16***    Allied Father Son at Wyantenuck
     21-22-23    Pewter Cup at BHCC
                                           21-22-23    Member Guest at Taconic                                               


* 1 *** Allied Senior at Taconic
6 Mixed Scotch at Wahconah
6 Worthington Cup at Worthington
6-7 3 Men and a Lady Scramble at Egremont
    7    Women's Member Guest at Waubeeka
12    One Day Member Guest at Stockbridge
                                                       12-13-14    Member Guest at Waubeeka                                                                12-13-14  Wahconah Member Guest at Wahconah
    14    Open 4 man Team (Tee Times) at Greenock
19-20-21    Invitational Four Ball at Wyantenuck
                                                          19-20-21    Open Two Ball at Worthington                                                             24   Member Guest at CCOP        
    25-26-27-28    Williams Alumni at Taconic/Waubeeka
    26-27-28     Singles at BHCC
    28   Open Mixed Scotch at Stockbridge

 2-3-4    Open Singles at Worthington
    2-3-4    Member Guest at Skyline    2-3-4    Invitational Four Ball at Stockbridge
3-4    Member Guest at FPCC
    9-10-11    Summer Open Four Fall at Wahconah
    ***11***    Allied Team & Individual Championship at CCOP
    ***11***    Allied Individual Net Championship at Egremont
    ***12***    Allied Junior Championship at Waubeeka
       16-17-18    Little Brown Jug at Wahconah
18    Two Ball Best Ball Michelob Open at Skyline
    24-25    Stockbridge Member Guest at Stockbridge


Sept    2-3-4    Labor Day Weekend    Open
        6-7  Two Person Scramble Scramble at Worthington
***8***    Allied Mixed Scotch at Stockbridge
14-15    Member Guest at Greenock
15 Mixed Scotch 9 Hole/Scramble 9 Hole at BHCC
   20-21    Wiggy Cup at Torrington
    21-22    Open 2 Man Ryder Cup (Tee Times) at Greenock
23    Four Ball Classic at Taconic
25  Senior Open at Greenock
27-28-29 Falling Leaves Mixed Scotch at Worthington
28-29    Member Guest at Wyantenuck
                                                            28-29    BHCC Member Guest at BHCC                                                     28 Memorial Scotch at FPCC


2 Greenock Pro-Am at Greenock      
4-5-6    Senior Two-Ball at Worthington
    4-5-6    Open Two Man Scramble at Skyline
  6    Hank Waddock Scotch at Greenock
12-13-14    Open 2 Man Scramble (Tee Times) at Greenock
13 Autumn Mixed Scotch at Waubeeka
    19    One Day Member Guest at Waubeeka
    19-20    Open 2-Ball at Greenock
    20    Open Scotch at Taconic
    27    Open Par 3 Tournament at Waubeeka

          Women's Area and Allied Schedule

15  Ladies' Allied Scotch at                                 

12 Ladies' Allied Best Ball at
27 Ladies' Allied Scramble

  23 Ladies' Allied Best Ball at
   20 Ladies' Allied Championship at                                                             

  Berkshire Junior Monday Schedule

8-July  at Wahconah
15 July at  
22-July at
29 July at  Worthington
5-Aug  at
12-Aug  ALLIED JUNIOR at Waubeeka