GREETINGS (Newsletter published by Jennie VanDeusen, General Manager) 

 Spring is here and WCC’S Season has begun!  The Golf Shop, Clubhouse and Bar are OPEN!                                 WCC’s Website: Updated daily with GOLF COURSE and TENNIS COURT DETAILS.                                               2019 CALENDAR is available on WCC’s website for viewing and printing or pick up a paper copy at the office.  HAVE FUN! 

In Memoriam

Lucile Dempsey passed away in March. Lucille was a long time member of WCC and past Ladies’ Golf Club Champion. Our deepest condolences to family.

W.C.C. Payment Details

HOUSE MINIMUM WAS DUE IN FULL BY April 1st INSTALLMENT OPTION: Dues may be remitted in five (5) equal installments from May 1st through Sept. 1st . Installment option is automatic on a annual basis. MONTHLY CHARGES: incurred throughout the year are due when billed. Thank you. 

    Mother's Day Brunch Buffet 

       Sunday, May 12th  ~ Seating from 11:00 until 3:00
    RESERVATIONS Required at (413) 528-0350  

Carving Station with Prime Rib and Roasted Turkey, Danishes, Mini Muffins and Bagels. Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Links, Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Vegetables, Home Fries, Tossed Salad, Seafood Display with Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout and Shrimp. Assorted Desserts: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Tartlets, Brownies and Cheese Cake Bites  
   PRICE:  Adult  $26.00*    Child (under 12) $17.00*    *plus tip and tax

W.C.C. House Socials

               DAILY LUNCHES  begin April 26th       ~     MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH**  Sunday, May 12th     

        OPENING WCC PARTY** Friday, May 24th  ~  FATHER’S DAY BRUNCH**  Sunday, June 16th   

                **NOTE:  Reservations Required for Brunches and Opening WCC Party at 413-528-0350 

                                                   MONTHLY FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER DATES:                                                                           June 21, July 12 and August 16   ~ ~ Details to follow... 

Guideine Reminders

The BOG has voted to rollback the previous prohibition on wearing jeans in the Clubhouse. Jeans that are "smart" (neat, clean, with no holes) are permissable in the Clubhouse only. Dress elsewhere on the grounds should appropriately conform per the Member's Guidelines.

CELL PHONE calls are only permitted in the main parking area


CLUBHOUSE and OFFICE: 413-528-0350 or
GOLF SHOP: 413-528-3229 or
TENNIS SHOP: 413-528-5075 or
POOL: 413-528-0529

W.C.C.Website (surf'n features)      Password: 3putt

with EVENT DETAILS updated daily on WCC's home page
WCC DAILY BUZZ updated daily with Club News!
MEMBER PORTAL access your itemized monthly bill
details upcoming events and print calendar option
WCC CLUB GUIDELINES for all club facilities & areas


An 18 hole round should take 3½ to 4 hours. Note: replace divots, repair ball pitch marks and rake sand bunkers.
Golf Shop is OPEN & Golf Pros available for lessons, spikes & grips replaced or to order new equipment.

                      MEN’S TWILIGHT LEAGUE SIGN-UP ~  PAIRINGS POSTED BY MID APRIL                                                              Weekly Men’s Twilight League begins on Tuesday, April 30                                                                   SIGN-UP with the Golf Shop at 413-528-3229                 

Thursdays beginning on May 30 through August 29 starting at 8:00-9:00 AM—Regular or substitute available. There are no tee times, your arrival time determines the starting order for the group. A $10.00 season fee is for year end prizes billed onto your account. After golf, any drinks and/or lunch would be available on your own. Please call with questions: Marge Kinne 413-528-0407, Patricia Dymek 413-274-6646, Betty Budz 413-274-6024 or Veta Mott 413-229-2019

   These are great events for all Ladies! Dues are $50 to play in 5 Ladies Days, Member-Member, Grandmothers, Club Championship, Ringer Scores and the Wyantenuck Cup. Check the newsletter and WCC CALENDAR for schedules and sign-up on the bulletin boards. If you want to be added OR credited for the Ladies Golf, please contact Jennie. Our first Ladies Day is May 11 .

                                                            LADIES’ 11 HOLE EVENTS                                                                              Our Tuesday Ladies’ 11 Hole Golf events start on Tuesday, May 21  from 8:30 until 9:15 AM. Play your own ball.  We mix up the formats and you play with different members. Sign up in advance and groups will be arranged for you.  If you need a partner and/or call at the last minute, we try to fit you in!  Pro Shop credit awarded to the winners. Sign-up sheets are posted on the front porch bulletin board. Dates listed in the calendar.                    Call Barbara Bunger 413-717-0764  or Claire Stiepelman  413-229-8688

                                                           GOLFER'S  CORNER                                                                                  #3 Golfer’s Corner: Rules Changes You Need to Know.

THIRD: Penalty Areas and Bunkers. (a) The Penalty Area (Red Stakes and or lines). Bottom Line: These are the places we wander into sometimes that we would rather avoid. Almost all Penalty Areas (no more “hazards”) will be marked with red stakes or lines (lines always take priority in defining the area). The exception is the rare spot still labeled as a Yellow area (water) that must be successfully crossed. (b) The Procedure in Red Penalty Areas. You will have choices: (i) You may play from the Penalty Area as long as it is not a No Play Zone, (ii) You may replay from where you last played (Stroke + Distance), (iii) You may drop out of the Penalty Area for a +1 stroke penalty using either the straight line method or a two club drop form the edge of the Penalty Area you crossed. To use the straight line method you must keep the flag and your crossing point in line and go as far back as you wish (exactly like the same option for a declared Unplayable Ball). (c) Bunkers. Bunkers can be the bane of some golfer’s rounds. Well, under the new Rules you can take two penalty strokes and lift out of the bunker, taking a drop behind the bunker with the flag and your ball’s position in alignment. Most often you will give the challenge of the bunker shot a go, but there may be times when this new option would come into consideration. You can declare an unplayable lie in a bunker, but that drop must stay in the confines of the bunker directly behind the reference point of the ball. (d) No Play Zones. This is entirely new to golf, and a sensible addition. For years clubs and courses have abused the use of (white) out of bound stakes to keep players away from a dangerous area or to define an environmentally sensitive area, or monuments, etc. This new category eliminates that. At Wyantenuck, to the right side of the fourth putting surface the steep slope beyond the fence will be a “No Play Zone”. It will be so marked with a red stake with an additional distinction on it. You treat it as a Penalty Area (+1 stroke and drop) except that there is no option to play from or even enter the area. A “No Play Zone” is a NO GO ZONE. In fact, entry into a No Play Zone can get you a +2 shot penalty because you would be playing from a wrong place!

Hole-In-One “Tradition" Insurance (available April 1st through November 30th) Wyantenuck Country Club hole-in-one insurance honors the long tradition of celebrating a Hole-In-One with a round of beverages for all present in the bar with the cost incurred by the person scoring an ace. Every golf member over the age of 21 (Men and Ladies) will be billed $5.00 in April. After the insured bar costs are paid, any remaining monies will be used for subsequent hole-in-one(s). The insurance pool will be tapped for only “buying a round” and will be re-billed as necessary to assure an appropriate amount of money is available. Wyantenuck follows the USGA recommendations for verifying a hole-in-one: a) Must be at least a round of 9 holes b) Cannot be playing with multiple balls ie: practicing c) Must be playing with somebody to witness


FREE Weekly Junior Golf & Tennis Clinics for ALL children are available. Check the CALENDAR for dates. Berkshire Junior Golf Monday dates are listed in Area Club Schedule. Tennis Camp dates are listed on the calendar. Call the Golf & Tennis Shops for junior schedules & details.


Memorial Day
*Please review all
pool guidelines
prior to your first
visit of the season.


Website is updated daily with opening date & conditions.
 It is very important not to play on courts if conditions are too soft or wet.  Thank you!    
May 3rd marks the opening of the tennis shop and Liviu’s return.          
Women’s Tennis Camp:  on May 6, 8, 10 and/or 11. details to follow
SIGN-UP for the Tennis Camp and Tune-up at 413-528-0350
Memorial Day weekend tennis round robin, Sunday May 26th with lunch to follow.
Play with the Pro begins May 25th at 9:30